Monday, April 1, 2013

Frozen Fate - $45

This cover was a lot of fun to make! I see a lot of authors mention that they don't like covers that are stock photos. I wanted this to be an example of how a stock photo can really inspire something, and look very different than the original. While it is still recognizable, it isn't simply text over the original image, or a minor retouching. To really get the most out of a stock photo cover, let it inspire you!

Save Me Slowly $30

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Second Stone

Valencia Roth

photographer Marcus Ranum of

Gifted Stone

Broken Stone

Custom Advertisement - $40

Using your existing cover, I can create a paperback, an ereader mockup and an ad using them with your specified text. For $40 you get all three files (The paperback and ereaders by themselves, plus the full ad)


Uncertain Fates

photographer Marcus Ranum of

Custom Ereader Display Graphic - $15

I can take your existing cover and show it on a mock ereader for $15 - You MUST have the rights to the image to have this done if I did not create the cover. I will add on this service to any cover sold for an additional $10.

Flight - $40

Photographer: Marcus Ranum of

Full Size - Haunted

A Woman of Proper Accomplishments - Sold

Wolf - Sold

Edgy - $20

Ethereal - $20

Smoke - $10

Teenage Life - $10

Walk Alone - $20

Photographer: Bina Sveda

Happy Never Ever $20